It seems like anything in Massachusetts is always under construction, whether it’s a freeway, a business structure, or a new residential high-rise. The land in the region appears to be constantly being renovated. Many workers in Massachusetts are employed as a result of these building projects. These jobs, on the other hand, are among the most hazardous. Accidents in the construction industry are all too prevalent.  That why is is imperative to consult with our team of qualified Boston Construction Accident Lawyers.

Common Reasons causing Dangerous Construction Accidents in Massachusetts

An Object Has Struck You

A deadly mishap that occurs frequently on construction sites is being hit by an object. Any accident in which a person is struck by an item is referred to as a struck-by accident. Objects falling from scaffolding or beams, moving items around building sites, or a teammate losing hold on equipment are all examples of this on a construction site.

The degree of damage produced by being struck by an item is primarily determined by the region of the body where the thing impacted, the object’s size, and the force with which it struck.

Being caught between objects

When you’re caught between an object at a construction site, type of injury is known as “caught-in” or “caught-between,” and it occurs when a construction worker gets harmed due to a lack of oxygen (suffocation) or exposure to hazardous chemicals because they were unable to extricate themselves from entrapment. Being pinched, squeezed, squashed, or squished by moving items, cables, or rope is also included.


Falls are one of the most hazardous forms of construction-related accidents, as well as the most prevalent of the fatal four. Falls on construction sites are particularly hazardous because they can occur from considerable heights or result in landings on hard surfaces such as concrete.

A fall might result in a concussion, fractured bones, or even death. A fall from a scaffolding, ladder, roof or other high structure is more likely to result in serious and fatal injuries.

Construction site falls can happen due to the negligence of coworkers, subcontractors, bosses, or anyone else on the job.

Construction Workers Who Have Been Injured Can Seek Compensation in Massachusetts

When construction employees are injured on the job in Massachusetts, they are typically entitled to damages for things like medical costs and missed wages. Regardless of who is to blame for the accident, this is true. Most companies in Massachusetts are required to have workers’ compensation insurance under the state’s legislation. This insurance is designed to assist injured workers in receiving compensation for their injuries without having to go through a lengthy and disputed injury claim. Injured construction workers might receive compensation for their injuries in return for giving up their right to sue their employer.

Injury Benefits Workers are Entitled to in Massachusetts 

A construction worker who is injured on the job may be entitled to the following benefits if his or her claim for workers’ compensation is successful:

  • Medical expenses
  • Temporary incapacitation benefits
  • If an injury results in total permanent disability, you will be eligible for a life benefit
  • Loss of function

Family members of construction workers killed on the job may be eligible for death benefits, including money to cover burial expenses, following a tragic construction accident.

Contact our Boston Construction Accident Attorneys

Even though workers’ compensation is available, it can be difficult for injured workers to receive the compensation they are entitled to. Regrettably, the rules are geared toward benefiting insurance and businesses rather than wounded employees. An injured worker will have to climb through all the hurdles to receive benefits.

Even then, insurers will fight back and try hard to reduce the value of claims. It is beneficial to deal with a skilled Construction Accident Attorney at Markey Law Partners who has handled several workers’ compensation cases.

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